McGrath Cod Cruncher Spinnerbaits

McGrath Cod Cruncher Spinnerbaits was released in December 2016 and is exclusive to selected BCF stores. 


McGrath Cod Cruncher Spinnerbaits are tournament ready for the angler wanting to increase their hook up rate with Murray Cod and other Australian native species. The new innovative design has been developed by McGrath Lures Australia in consulation with our Pro Angler Rick Doyle where it was apparent that native species where consistenlty hitting the blades of convential spinnerbaits without the angler getting a hook up.


Manufactured with closed eye wire connection for use with snap clips, market leading silicone skirts and Mustad chemically sharpened hooks, the McGrath Cod Cruncher Spinnerbaits will put the odds in your favour.    Available in three sizes; 5/8 oz, 3/4 oz and 1 oz and twelve bright colours which provide the angler with the advantage.


Check out the below video to see how the McGrath Cod Cruncher moves through the water. 

Cod Cruncher Spinnerbait Colours

White with Silver Fleck

Purple Neon

Green Pumpkin Scale

Chartreuse Blue Glitter Scale

Black Blue Glitter Scale

Purple Neon with Orange Glitter Scale

Chartreuse with Orange Tips

Brown Copper Scale

White with Red Tips

Hot Craw HW

Chartreuse with Green Tips

Black with Red Tips

McGrath Lures Cod Cruncher spinnerbaits are now available at the following stores.

                                              BCF Tamworth                 BCF Dubbo          BCF Armidale           BCF Griffith        

                                              BCF Wagga Wagga          BCF Albury           BCF Wodonga          BCF Bendigo

                                              BCF Mildura                    BCF Goulburn      BCF Belconnen        BCF Shepparton

                                              BCF Orange                     BCF Bathurst       BCF Ballarat             BCF Fyshwick

                                              BCF Greenway

McGrath Cod Cruncher Spinnerbaits are Coming Soon to the following stores.


                                              BCF On-Line

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