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Deep Diver Lures

McGrath Lures Australia

The McGrath Deep Diver has been in production since the early 1980's. This lure really set the precedent for minnow lures in Australia. It has been tried extensively throughout Australia and has proven extremely successful on almost every species of native and introduced species (e.g. trout, bass, golden & silver perch, barramundi, etc).It has also had very good success in salt water e.g. tributaries - varieties are bream, flat head, trevally etc). 


Length:   88 mm

Weight:   8 grams

Depth:    3.5 metres


Wide Body Lures

McGrath Lures Australia

The McGrath Wide Body lure is a broader body design for better visibility in deep or murky water. This lure has been used very successfully on varieties such as cod, trout, golden perch and bass. Suitable especially for deep impoundments, it runs to a depth of 5 metres depending on line class, prefers slow, medium trolling.


Length:     94 mm

Weight:    14 grams

Depth:      5 metres


Vibe Lures

McGrath Lures Australia

McGrath Vibes are lethal on Australian natives such as Yellow Belly, cod, bass and redfin. Our vibes are a sinking vibration lure, that have the look of small baitfish. As the lure sinks nose first its body looks like it’s a wounded bait fish as it swims down to bottom structure.   The McGrath Vibes have an ideal length / weight ratio for either casting or trolling.


Length:    75mm

Weight:    21 grams

Depth:      Sinking



McGrath Spinnerbaits have been designed and developed for targeting Australian native species such as Murray Cod, yellow belly, Bass, Bream, or Flathead.


McGrath Spinnerbaits are Tournament Quality ready products that are made using quality Mustard hooks and the finest components available.


Weight:    1/2 Oz, 5/8 Oz, 3/4 Oz and 1 Oz 


Surface Walkers

McGrath Surface Walkers are tournament ready for the angler wanting some explosive surface action hooking up with a Murray Cod.   The lure imitates animals such as small birds and large bugs as they crawl along the surface. This makes the lure ideally suited when chasing Murray Cod in Australian rivers and impoundments.



Length:    90mm

Depth:      Floating                      

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