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McGrath Trolling Attractors can be used in conjunction with just about any lure or bait, with the most effective being our small minnow lures or a hook rigged with a worm or a mudeye.   

Firetiger Trolling Attractor

  • The McGrath Trolling Attractor larger blades should be used for deep trolling or murky water. It consists of a rudder at the front end which prevents line twist, and a free-swinging blade on a wire shaft to which you tie a leader. From the end of the trolling attractor, the leader is usually between 12 and 18 inches but some anglers have used leaders that range up to 5 or 6 feet back to the lure or bait. When trolled, the blade acts as attractor; fish follow the flash and sound to the source, spot the trailing lure or bait and go after it.

    When using the McGrath Trolling Attractor, we recommend that you troll slowly, vary your speed, and work in “S” curves to achieve the best hook up rate.
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