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Australian Yellowbelly Challenge - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I did not receive my confirmation email, what should I do?

A: When you successfully enter the competition, you will receive an email from Pirtek Fishing Challenge confirming your entry. You will receive a separate email from Paypal confirming your payment. If you do not receive your confirmation email, first look in your spam/junk folder of your email program. Sometimes the confirmation emails are incorrectly treated as spam. If it is not there, please contact us at, and we will follow up for you.


Q: When will I receive my angler number and target species list.

A: The list of target species will be available via the website at 12 noon AEDT on Saturday, 1 March, 2014. Your angler number and a repeat list of the target species will be emailed to your nominated email address and available on the website after 6pm AEDT on Saturday, 22 March 2014. The email may not arrive in your in-box until late in the evening. Please check the ‘Spam’ folder of your email program if you have not received your Angler Number email by 10pm on Saturday night.


Q: I live in one State but will be fishing in another State on the day of the Challenge, which category do I upload my photo to?

A: You will need to upload your fish photo to the State you fished in, regardless of where you live.


Q: What if my cap and brag mat do not turn up before the Challenge date?

A: If you do not receive your package prior to the event, simply go to your local tackle store and ask for a Fisheries measuring sticker and write your angler number on a piece of cardboard with thick black marker so it can be clearly seen.


Q: I live in the Murray Darling Basin area, can I fish my local public impoundment?

A: Yes, you can fish any public waterway, including impoundments. Private dams are excluded.


Q: Where is the event held?

A: This is a commonly asked question. You can fish in any of your local waterways right across Australia and open to the public.


Q: I didn’t receive my angler number via email?

A: It is absolutely crucial we have your correct email address as this is the only contact point we use. You need to check your confirmation email and ensure you details are correct, remember these are the details you supplied.


Q: Does somebody monitor the email contact point leading up to and on the day of the competition?

A: Yes, we respond to all emails ASAP. If you have a question, even on the day of the event you can email us through the contact email.


Q: Can I upload my photo to the Facebook page for judging?

A: No. The only way your photograph will be judged is for it to be uploaded to the Pirtek Fishing Challenge website. Any other email address or social media site you send your photo to will not allow your entry to be judged.


Q: When does my photo need to be uploaded by?

A: Your photo must be uploaded by 7.00am (AEDT) on Monday, 24 March 2014. Any photos sent in after this will be excluded from the Challenge.


Q: I forgot the competition was strictly catch and release and my fish was dead on the brag mat when the photo was taken. Is this okay?

A: No. Any fish that is dead, mutilated or bleeding will be excluded from the competition. Even pest fish must be photographed alive and then disposed of in a humane way.


Q: My daughter landed a really big fish, will it be eligible for junior or senior prizes?

A: Senior and junior judging is separate. You can only upload a photo of a fish that you caught.


Q: Does the photo I upload need to have the date and time stamped on on the image?

A: No, it’s not compulsory. You may use that feature if it’s available on your camera and you know how it works! But make sure nothing obscures your fish laying and brag mat, otherwise it may not be eligible for judging.


Q: What if I land a fish when its dark and my camera can’t stamp the time on the image?

A: There should be no photos taken in the dark.


Q: I paid by credit card, but there was an extra $1 charge on my card?

A: The following information was provided by Paypal: “To verify that your credit card or debit card is open and in good standing, a temporary $1.00 AUD charge might appear in your credit card transaction history. The charge appears as ‘pending’ and is automatically removed after the full amount of the purchase is processed. If the authorisation charge remains on your card after 30 days, contact your card issuer.”

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